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How Does Cannabis Work?

April 24, 2023

When it comes to cannabis use, there are so many terms to learn (and plenty of time!) Have no fear, our Boston dispensary budtenders are here to be your guides as you navigate the world of cannabis culture. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to chat. Shoot us an email at or come in to visit our dispensary.

What does full spectrum mean?

We covered THC, CBD, and CBN in a previous post, but full-spectrum maintains the full profile of the cannabis plant. 

Full-spectrum cannabis products mean they contain a variety of cannabinoids, including:  

  • THC
  • THCa
  • CBD
  • CBDa
  • CBG,
  • CBN

Terpenes and other compounds such as flavonoids, proteins, phenols, sterols, and esters may also be found in full-spectrum extracts and products. These extracts can replicate the flavor and aroma profile of the plant. Therapeutically, you’ll also get the full benefits of the entourage effect.

What is the “Entourage Effect”? –

Not just a show from the early 2000’s, the Entourage Effect is a theory that states when all of the compounds within cannabis are consumed together, the overall potential therapeutic benefits are higher than if you were to consume any of those compounds individually.

Just like Captain Planet, the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create a more heightened physical and or/psychoactive effect.

What would you recommend if I want to relax, get social, or manage pain?

Whether you’re using cannabis recreationally, medicinally, or for therapeutic reasons, it takes time to learn what’s best for you. The journey is the fun part! Come visit our Boston cannabis dispensary and chat with our bud tenders about your goals!

How do I know what the right dose is?

Finding the proper cannabis dose is a personal experience that starts with understanding why you’re consuming in the first place. If you’re new to edibles, it’s always recommended to start low, go slow. Typically, we suggest between a dose. And remember, edibles can take 1-2 hours for effects to kick in, so you’ll want to wait before taking an additional dose.

If you have any questions or thoughts, we’re always here to chat. Don’t forget, once we’re open, you can always stop by our dispensary and chat with one of our bud tenders. For more information on specific cannabis products, visit our product page to learn more.